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Can Trees or Shrubs Damage Your Sewer Lines?

August 13, 2022

Can Trees or Shrubs Damage Your Sewer Lines?

Both the landscape and sewer system of your home is important for different reasons; one is for the appeal of your home and the other is a vital part of a well-functioning home. Whenever these two components interact with one another, it can either go well or be a catastrophe. What you plant and where you plant certain greenery are important when it comes to your sewer system. Some plants have the potential to harm your sewage pipes if they’re placed too close to the sewer system. This is because their roots favor the environment inside a pipe. It suits their living conditions perfectly and is a great source of nutrition too. Find out which plants can lead you to need a sewer line repair.

What Causes the Attraction of Roots to Your Drains?

When warm water flows through pipes, its vapor can sometimes be released throughout the cool soil through an opening like a loose joint or a crack in the pipe. When trees sense this vapor, their roots will start to grow towards the source of the vapor. They then start to make their way into the cracks of the pipes toward the source of nutrients. As the roots continue to grow inside the pipe, they will block the path of fats, grease, and other substances coming from the household. The buildup can eventually lead to a clog if not disturbed. If you are apprehensive about finding a clog in your pipes, consult with a competent plumber and have them check it out.

Plants to Avoid Around Your Sewer System

  • Holly Bushes – A lot of homeowners choose to plant holly bushes because they look aesthetically pleasing and are organized. They’re usually planted at the foundation of the house, where sewer lines also lie. The roots of holly bushes can find their way into the pipes if they’re planted nearby.
  • Willow Trees – These trees need an abundant source of water, and what better place to find it than a plumbing pipe? If they are planted near your sewer system, willow trees will actively seek out water for nutrients and growth and will burst your pipes during this process, leaving you having to call for a sewer line repair. Beall Contracting is experienced in dealing with situations like these, so get in contact if you ever need help with emergencies.
  • Ivy – Ivies are one of the fastest-growing plants out there. They can wrap around your pipes and cause cracks. If you want to have greenery around your home, pick from options like deciduous evergreen trees.

Maintain Your Sewer Lines

Plants are experts at finding their way through the slightest cracks in pipes. If this goes by unnoticed, it can create huge problems in the near future. Make sure you have a plumber check on the plumbing and sewer lines, making sure there are no cracks and unwanted appearances of roots. If you need help finding an emergency plumbing service, Beall Contracting has got your back. Our workers know what to do in high-stress situations and can provide the help you need.