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Drain Cleaning in North Hills, PA

Drain Cleaning in North Hills, PA

When it comes to drain cleaning, having the right tools in your arsenal goes a long way in ensuring the job is done efficiently. Beall Contracting leverages cutting-edge equipment to enhance clogged drain line repair in North Hills. While searching the internet for drain cleaning near me is a fast way of getting a local service provider, you need to ensure that they are properly equipped to get the job done. A clog is usually not a huge concern, but failure to have it cleared can put your entire system at risk.

Most people prefer using drain cleaners, but that only adds more damage to your system. These cleaners contain corrosive acid that can ruin your lines, leading to drain line replacement. The experts at Beall Contracting use modern tools and equipment, guaranteeing nothing but top-notch clogged drain repair in North Hills. Here are some of the tools used by our professionals to get rid of stubborn clogs in your home.

Drain Augers or Snakes

Plumbers often use this standard drain cleaning tool to demolish obstructions in your lines. A drain auger consists of a long flexible metal coil that operates the same way as a corkscrew. The end of the drain snake goes down the clogged drain until it reaches the clog before the motor is activated for it to drill the clog down. If you have items you want to be retrieved, this is the ideal solution used by plumbers in North Hills. A drain snake doesn’t require a lot of expertise to use, and homeowners can easily alleviate clogs without a problem. However, if the clog is tough, it might be time to onboard a professional drain cleaning service.

Clogged Drain Repair in North Hills, PA


Hydro-jetting equipment takes drain cleaning in North Hills to another level since it alleviates the clogs and thoroughly cleans your lines. This tool is used to blast out high-temperature, high-pressure water in your drain pipes and requires an expert to ensure it is done perfectly. Whether your lines have accumulated grease, sum, or minerals, hydro-jetting can ensure that everything is in tiptop condition and your drains are working effectively. As the leading North Hills clogged drain cleaning company, Beall Contracting protects you from costly drain line repairs and replacements.

Video Inspection Equipment

Clogs are usually tough to detect, especially if you lack the proper tools to enhance your view. With lines running through walls and beneath the ground, detecting a clog can be difficult and should be left to a professional plumber. Video inspection equipment has miniaturized cameras mounted on a long fiber optic cable to provide a better view of how your drain lines look. We use the images relayed to develop an effective drain cleaning strategy and ensure your drains are running efficiently.

The last thing you want is backup in your home, which leaves you looking for a clogged toilet fix at the least convenient time. Contact us at Beall Contracting, and enjoy healthy drains in your home. We guarantee exceptional services from drain line installation to clogged drain repair in North Hills.