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Drywall Repair in Wexford, PA

Drywall Repair in Wexford, PA

Drywall is an immensely popular building material, beating out plaster as most common for walls, but it does have flaws. Though it is affordable, drywall is also unfortunately sensitive to damage. The good news is that Beall Contracting has you covered when you need drywall repair in Wexford. Our professional handymen in Wexford can also take care of dry wall replacement and drywall installation in Wexford. Give us a call any time to speak with a representative and schedule a flexible appointment or even arrange an emergency drywall repair. We are always happy to help.

Common Drywall Damage

Though you don’t have to go through the trouble of fixing drywall yourself, there is the stress of the damage reoccurring. Being aware of the common types and causes of damage, however, can help you reduce the risk of them happening in the future. That said, here are the most common causes of drywall damage:

  • Plumbing Leaks: If you have not been investing in routine leak detections, then you might want to start. Plumbing leaks, and the resulting water damage, can cause drywall to bulge and collapse.
  • Poor Fastening: When drywall is installed, it must be fastened. Oftentimes, the drywall is fastened with tape, which can loosen due to moisture. Nails can also pop through the wall.
  • Termite Damage: If you notice pinholes, a hollow sound when you tap the wall, or wood damage, then you may have termite damage.
  • Holes: The most obvious drywall damage is holes that can be caused by a number of things from furniture or doors bumping hard against the wall to kids and their toys puncturing the drywall.

Get Your Repair Today

Drywall damage certainly ruins the look of your rooms, but it does not have to stress you out. Drywall repair in Wexford is just a call away. Call Beall Contracting to speak with a live representative and request an urgent dispatch or schedule a drywall repair today. Our handymen can head out to your location in as soon as within thirty minutes and have that drywall repaired today.

Drywall Replacement in Wexford, PA

A Replacement Might Be Quicker

If your drywall is extensively damaged, then repairing the damage might end up being more time-consuming and costly than a drywall replacement in Wexford. Rather than patch up each damage, it can be quicker to replace the drywall panel or panels instead. How will you know? When you call Beall Contracting, let the representative know the extent of the damage so that they can come equipped accordingly.

Need Help on A Remodeling Project?

Are you remodeling your home, office, or business? If you are looking to take on a project that involves moving or changing walls, then call Beall Contracting to hire a trained and experienced crew. Our handymen have the equipment and tools to handle a drywall installation as well. In short, we are your source for all of your drywall needs, whether it is a drywall repair, replacement, or installation.

We Serve All Areas of Wexford

You do not need to search the web for “drywall repair near me” when you need help in Wexford. Just call Beall Contracting. We serve all areas of Wexford.