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The 5 Worst Things to Put In Your Garbage Disposal

November 12, 2022

The 5 Worst Things to Put In Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is one of the most beloved kitchen appliances because they bring so much convenience to our lives. By only flipping a switch, you can get rid of unwanted food particles effortlessly. However, are you treating your garbage disposal the way it should be treated? Or are you simply using it as a second garbage can? If you treat it like a trash can, we have some bad news. You are ruining your plumbing system and your garbage disposal with your own hands. We know that’s not your intention, and you are doing this just because it seems easier; however, you are preparing for some long-term problems. So, we have prepared this article to remind you of some things you should avoid putting down your garbage disposal.


Bones are one of the hardest foods and treating them like a regular food particle is a big mistake. Blades in your disposals are only suitable for certain foods, and tough items like bones certainly aren’t one of them. That’s why there’s no way bones will be able to reach the drain pipes. Instead, they will clog your pipes and immensely harm the disposal blades. So, avoid putting bones down your disposal at all costs. Otherwise, a bill for garbage disposal replacement or repair will be waiting for you, and you could’ve avoided this just by being responsible.

Fats and Grease

This is a common mistake many people fall for. Just because, by nature, butter and other types of cooking oils are soft, that doesn’t mean they can go down the disposal. All sorts of fats are the perfect ingredient for creating clogs in your pipes. Oils don’t tend to stay liquid. After some time, they will solidify and obstruct the way, and you will have to experience the terrible symptoms of a clogged drain.

Bread, Pasta, Rice

This is another common mistake. Items like pasta, bread, and rice don’t stay in their original sizes. As they absorb water, they grow bigger. And what is the most common thing that goes down your drain? Water. As they absorb water inside the drain, their sizes will increase and might eventually clog the pipe. 


There are certain contradictions about eggshells. Some people claim eggshells make the blades of the disposal sharper. However, many others disagree with this claim because the sticky lining of the eggshells can attach to certain portions of the disposal and may cause problems. So, there’s no need to take any risks, and throwing the eggshells into your trash can is the best option either way.

Non-Food Items

Your garbage disposal is found in your kitchen for a reason. Its sole purpose is to dispose of food-related items, any material that isn’t considered food shouldn’t go inside it because the garbage disposal isn’t designed to hold any other material.

Do You Need Services Regarding Your Garbage Disposal?

Now that we have gone over the items that should not go down your disposal, you will be more careful using your garbage disposal. If you face any other problems regarding your garbage disposal, you can call the professional plumbers of Beall Contracting since you may need repair or replacement. To learn more about our plumbing services, call us today!