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How Do Tree Roots Affect Your Plumbing?

February 17, 2023

How Do Tree Roots Affect Your Plumbing?

Trees are a valuable addition to every landscape and provide many benefits. However, trees might cause plumbing issues, hence the need to schedule routine inspections with a professional. With all the different causes of plumbing damage, it isn’t easy to imagine trees on the list. Schedule a consultation with a trusted plumbing service to learn about the connection between your landscape and plumbing, so you can detect issues and stay informed. Beall Contracting is a reputable service provider ready to address all your plumbing issues and provide pertinent information to mitigate further damage.

How Trees Impact Drains and Pipes

Plumbing lines run across your property, both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you have planted trees in the backyard, there’s a chance the roots will grow close to the water lines. While this may not be a cause for concern, the slightest leak can create a gateway for severe damage. Roots are deceptively strong and can break through a hairline crack, leading to blockages and other drainage issues.

If you notice frequent clogs or backups, call a trusted plumber as soon as possible to prevent the situation from worsening. We leverage innovative equipment and strategies to pinpoint the leak beneath the ground and provide long-term solutions to prevent a recurrence. Sometimes, we can recommend tree removal to reduce the risk of root damage.

Signs of a Problem

Tree roots can cause many plumbing issues, and knowing what signs to look for can save you a lot of money and time on repairs. Homeowners may experience slow drains, clogged toilets, sulfur-like odors, and gurgling noises from the bathroom. When you notice disturbances in your plumbing, our plumbers can help.

Some signs show a more severe underlying issue, and DIY alternatives may not offer lasting solutions. What seems like a minor clog can be a tree root growing in your drain, and if you don’t act, you risk irreversible damage. The best way to ensure your plumbing and landscaping co-exist is to have a plumber conduct routine inspections.

How a Plumbing Service Can Help

Tree root infiltration is a complex issue that requires standard-industry equipment and extensive knowledge to restore your plumbing safely. As mentioned, roots cause unique problems, which result in a range of telltale signs. Some of these signs go undetected until the damage is more pronounced. We have seasoned plumbers ready to help you inspect, detect, diagnose, and address minor issues in time. A professional plumbing service will recommend suitable locations to plant trees.

Trees and plumbing are vital for improving the quality of life inside and outside your home. Since you can substitute one for the other, we can help you create the perfect balance. If your plumbing has an issue, don’t worry! Beall Contracting is here for you. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We provide round-the-clock plumbing services, giving you peace of mind, knowing repairs are handled with the utmost professionalism and at pocket-friendly rates.