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How Long Do Pipes Last?

September 25, 2022

How Long Do Pipes Last?

Pipes have been long discussed throughout history. You may have been looking at numerous sites to find which pipe is the best for you and how long it will last. Thankfully, throughout this article, we will go through the lifespan of various types of pipes, when to replace them, and how Beall Contracting is here to help.

The Lifespan of Copper Pipes

The history of copper pipes goes back to the nineteen hundreds and has been one of the most commonly used pipes ever since. Although these pipes have been used for a long time and can be trusted, it isn’t the best compared to modern pipes. These pipes can last between 70 to 80 years with the proper maintenance.

The Lifespan of Plastic Pipes

Several plastic pipes are used by today's plumbers, like PVC, CPVC, and PEX, each with a different purpose. These pipes have also been used in the past but improved yearly. As for the life expectancy of these pipes, modern ones do not have any. Since the tubes are plastic, they will never rust and have a metal spill on the water. So, these are safe and long-lasting pipes. However, we can’t say the same for the plastic tubes installed in the nineteen hundreds. Those pipes can corrode and not be as safe as modern plastic pipes.

Other Types of Pipes

Of course, we aren’t just limited to two pipes. There are so many pipes out there, and it is impossible to cover each of them in this article. So far, we have covered the two most preferred and safe pipes. However, let’s look at some others.

Lead pipes are one of the most dangerous pipes for your health. Since this element is toxic, using it as a pipe releases all the harmful substances into your water.
Galvanized Steel pipes are another commonly used type of pipe. They are like copper pipes, except they have zinc on them. While this isn’t dangerous, after about 80 years, these pipes will rust and may cause harm to your health.

Should I Replace My Pipes?

Most pipes need to be replaced at some point. To know this, there are a few signs that show you when. Some of these signs include but aren’t limited to discoloration of water, slow drainage, and wet floors. If you have seen any of these signs, it may be time to get a pipe replacement. Use the information above to help you find the best choice for yourself.

Your Trusted Service, Beall Contracting

Getting to know more about the types of pipes can be a load of information for you. However, with the right service, you can make the most out of them with nothing to consider. Whether you need to get pipe maintenance or replaced or get professional opinions about the type of pipe to choose, our plumbers in Ross Township are here for you. Call us today to learn more about us and our services or get more information on the type of pipe you need.