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How to Fix a Garbage Disposal

September 03, 2022

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal

Although it can last up to 10 years, garbage disposals can be one of the most repair needing appliances for certain people. Because it is called garbage disposal, many people treat them as such, however, their nature isn’t suitable for many items such as coffee grounds, plastic, grease, eggshells, peels of vegetables and fruits, and harsh chemicals. Unfortunately, many people use garbage disposals to grind some of these items and eventually the garbage disposals go under wear and tear until it gives up at some point. In this article, we will go over some things you can try if your garbage disposal stopped working.

Disposal Not Turning On

Try to switch the button for the disposals and if you don’t hear the noise of the disposal’s motor, there’s a problem with the way your appliance receives electricity. Here’s what to do if that’s the case. This is going to sound obvious but check if the device is plugged in. If it is, then try resetting the device. If resetting also doesn’t work, try to look at the circuit breaker as well as the shape of the overall external wiring. At this point, you can try to measure the voltage to see the current, but you should have the necessary skills and tools to do that. After verifying that the cables and the voltages are in good shape, try again to see if the disposal works, if it doesn’t then most likely you will need repair or replacement.

Appliance is Jammed or Clogged

If you hear the motor when you turn on the switch, but the disposal doesn’t grind, this means that the appliance is clogged or jammed. The good thing is, that garbage disposal is most likely still going to work even when it is jammed. However, in no time, the cause of the jam will harm the motor if the appliance works. So, you need to get rid of that object. To do that, first cut the power source and grab the wrench that came together with the disposal. Afterward, look at the bottom of the disposal for a socket and insert the wrench into the socket. Later, turn the wrench in a clockwise motion so you can get rid of that item that got stuck. To test if it is working, first reset the disposal and then turn the device on. 


If you see smoke coming out of your garbage disposal, this indicates a problem with the motor. Most of the time, the motor needs to be replaced however, if you have the experience and the tools, you can try to fix this by inspecting the wires and re-installing them if you see any burned wires. However, since this requires more knowledge, it would be a better option to call a professional plumber.

Reliable Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

We hope that some of the tips we mentioned here will be able to help you in case of a disposal problem. However, if you don’t think you have the time or the skills to deal with these, you can always call the professionals of Beall Contracting for garbage disposal repair or any related problems. We are ready to provide you with quality service and will ensure your satisfaction. Give us a call now!