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How to Install a Backup Sump Pump?

March 01, 2023

How to Install a Backup Sump Pump?

Do lower levels in your home accumulate water frequently? It may be time to hire a professional backup sump pump installation plumber. It helps prevent flooding in the basement or overflowing the sump pump pit when the primary pump malfunctions. The last thing you want is severe water damage and the subsequent hefty remediation costs. Beall Contracting gives you peace of mind knowing a backup unit is installed by a reputable plumbing service and everything is running at high performance.

What are a Sump Pump and Backup Sump Pump?

The initial sump pump keeps water from your building and sits in a basin or pit that collects rain or natural groundwater. These systems are usually installed in underground levels like a crawlspace, basement, or cellar and pump out water to mitigate structural deterioration. Like most systems, sump pumps are susceptible to malfunctions, so we recommend installing a backup unit.

A backup sump pump is the "Plan B" if the primary pump fails. If water fills the basin and the first sump pump malfunctions, the backup will kick into action to prevent disasters. If you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall or floods frequently, the backup pump is your second line of defense in removing excess moisture and water.

Steps for Installing a Backup Sump Pump

There are two types of back sump pump systems: battery-powered and water-powered. The most popular system is the battery-powered unit that pumps up to 2,000 gallons of water per hour. The latter is powered by high-pressure water, meaning it has unlimited running time as long as the water is available. Before proceeding with a sump pump installation project, we can help you choose a suitable system for your home. 

Our plumbing service starts installation by cleaning the primary sump pump before installing a check valve to prevent backflow into the pit. Once the valve is fitted correctly, we cover the thread with Teflon tape and tighten it onto the side of the backup sump pump. The goal is to secure the device, so it doesn’t damage easily and function as expected.

The next step is to cut a 1 ½ inch PVC pipe and connect it to the existing discharge line using stainless steel hose clamps and a rubber connector. Gluing the PVC pipe before connecting it to the discharge pipe is vital. The deep-cycle marine battery is stored in a protective plastic box and a safe location, allowing the plumber to form the low-voltage connections between the backup pump and the battery. After everything is installed, our plumbing service providers will connect the battery to the outlet to charge.

Professional Backup Sump Pump Installation

While homeowners may opt to handle installations alone, without the proper skills and tools, it can cause devastating property damage. Leverage our extensive experience and industry-standard equipment to ensure your backup pump is installed correctly and runs at high performance. Contact us at Beall Contracting and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We guarantee top-notch plumbing services without breaking the bank.