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How to Prevent Short Circuit

December 15, 2021

How to Prevent Short Circuit

The term short circuit is often thrown around, but most people don’t understand what it means. All they know is that it is dangerous, and that’s why consulting the team of certified electricians at Beall Electrical Service is recommended. The unfortunate reality is that most homeowners and apartment-dwellers lack the basic understanding of a short circuit. Our professional electricians can help you with pertinent information and preventive measures for the enhanced safety of your loved ones and property. Don’t wait for an electrical emergency to occur so that you can contact an expert; schedule regular maintenance to ensure your electrical system is in tiptop condition.

What is a Short Circuit?

A short circuit is an electrical accident that results in significant damage to your electrical system. It usually occurs when a high-volume electrical current passes through a low-resistance path that’s not meant to transfer electricity. Therefore, a short circuit occurs when a hot wire and a forbidden conductive object meet.

A short circuit not only causes damage to your connected electrical appliances but pose a risk of fire hazards and electrocutions. Failure to take the necessary preventive measures puts you in a vulnerable position, and that’s why Beall Electrical Service is dedicated to helping you maintain an electrical system that is effective and efficient.

How Can You Prevent a Short Circuit?

There are various ways one can prevent a short circuit, and onboarding an expert electrician can help you determine the one that’s most suited for you. After a comprehensive assessment of your electrical system, our electricians can recommend one of the following preventive measures. Some of the ways you can minimize the likelihood of a short circuit include:

Outlet Verification

Outlet verification is often conducted when the cause of the short circuit is suspected to be an old outlet, poor wiring or loose box connection. Assessing and diagnosing these issues can be problematic since they usually occur behind the wall. Contracting the expert and certified electricians at Beall Electrical Service can help you identify signs of a damaged outlet.

These signs include a burning smell or burn marks, buzzing sound from the inlet, spark emission, and an old outlet. If you notice any of these signs, you are due for an electrical system maintenance check. We can help you ground your outlet to prevent future internal short circuits.

Appliance Verification

Appliances can cause short circuits, especially if they require high voltage. Signs that you need to look out for include casing or cord damage, exposed appliance circuitry, and the presence of cracks on the appliance. Once you detect any of these signs, it is advisable to contact a professional or dispose of the appliance to alleviate any potential risks. The team at Beall Electric Service can help you assess if the appliance can be fixed or you need a new one.

These are ways to prevent short circuits and the subsequent damage they cause. For more information on preventing short circuits, contact the experts at Beall Electric Service, and enjoy top-notch electrical services at pocket-friendly rates.