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How to Repair the Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

December 02, 2021

How to Repair the Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Exhaust fans help to remove excess moisture, odor, fumes, particulates, and stale air from bathrooms and others areas of a home that tend to have excess moisture. A bathroom exhaust fan helps to remove unpleasant odors and moisture that would otherwise linger in your bathroom.

A bathroom exhaust fan works hard all year round to remove excess moisture from your bathroom. Like any other fixtures in your home, a bathroom exhaust fan can break down, hence requiring repairs.

If your bathroom exhaust fan is louder than normal, you notice stubborn odors in your bathroom, or your bathroom feels stuffy, these are signs that your exhaust fan needs repair. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of fixing a faulty bathroom exhaust fan.

Before we delve into the steps to follow when repairing a bathroom exhaust fan, keep in mind that this unit is made up of the housing, the fan, and the motor. So when the unit stops working, the problem could be either the fan, motor unit, or wiring issues.

Step 1: Open Up the Fan

The first step is to remove the grille by squeezing the spring clips together and then unplug the fan from the receptacle. Plug in a bulb in the receptacle and turn on the switch. This will help you determine whether the problem is with the receptacle or the switch. If the bulb works, the problem could be a dead motor.

Step 2: Check The Electrical Wiring

Pry off the fan plate, remove the plate and motor, and set them aside. Next, remove the electrical cover plate and check the wires to ensure they are properly connected. If there are no problems with electrical wiring, you’ll want to inspect the wall switch and the damper. The damper can get stuck and interfere with the functioning of the unit.

Step 3:  Inspect The Motor

If the electrical wiring, the switch, and the damper are in good condition, the problem could be the motor. To replace the motor, turn off the power to the unit and remove the motor plate from the unit and attach a new motor to the plate. Ensure you properly screw the bolts on the motor and complete the process by reinstalling the plate into the housing.

Keep in mind that bathroom exhaust fans vary in design, so the process may differ a bit. If you need help with bathroom exhaust fan repair, be sure to call an experienced electrician to assist you. 

Call Beall Contracting for Exhaust Fan Replacement

Having a faulty bathroom exhaust fan means mold will begin to form in your bathroom, and the quality of air in your house may deteriorate. That's why it's important to repair your bathroom exhaust fan as soon as you notice problems.

However, bathroom exhaust fans do not last forever. You’ll have to replace your bathroom exhaust fan when it reaches the end of its lifespan, which is around ten years. If you’re in need of exhaust fan replacement, call Beall Contracting to help you install a new exhaust fan.