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Pex Repiping vs. Copper Repiping

July 31, 2022

Pex Repiping vs. Copper Repiping

PEX piping and copper piping have been something we constantly go back and forth about which one suits our house the best. Throughout this article, we will consider the pros and cons of each repiping option and find out which option best fits your needs. So, let’s start.

Pros of Pex Pipes

PEX pipes are one of the options that many prefer. Let’s look at some of its pros to learn more about it.

  • When it comes to the temperature, PEX pipes allow heat to be easily retained.
  • They have a valve that easily shuts the supply line, making it easier in case of repairs or emergencies
  • The costs of PEX pipes are low as there are only a few joints
  • It is much safer for the plumber and it weighs much less than copper pipes
  • It allows water to quietly flow

Cons of Pex Pipes

Of course, we aren’t here to just talk about its good sides. PEX pipes also have some negative sides to them. For example, because it can’t be subjected to ultraviolet and many other outside factors, they are not suitable for outside. It is not as environmentally friendly as copper pipes and they can’t be recycled.

Pros of Copper Pipes

Another option that can be compared to Pex piping is copper piping. Here are some pros of copper pipes. 

  • Copper pipes have been used with many plumbing services for more than 70 years
  • Most of the houses use copper pipes. So, it is easy to find one in case there are any problems
  • They are environment friendly and the heat can easily be classified as it is color coded
  • Most copper pipe manufacturers give a 50-year warranty to give it a longer lifespan
  • Copper pipes live longer than Pex pipes
  • These pipes are great for outside as ultraviolets do not affect them

Cons of Copper Pipes

The chances of copper pipes bursting from the cold weather are great. In addition, copper piping is around 3 times more expensive than a Pex pipe. They also require a greater effort to install. So, in general, the biggest cons of copper pipe include the risk of corroding and its cost compared to Pex pipes.

Still In The Middle?

When it comes to choosing the most efficient service, there is no correct option. Every person has a different environment to choose the best option for them. In such cases, calling a reliable service to get your environment checked and give you the most suitable option is important. Thankfully, we know exactly what you need.

The Reliable Service, Beall Contracting

At Beall Contracting, our professional plumbers in North Hills know how much confusion these two piping options can give you. Thankfully, with our modern equipment, professional plumbers, and dedication, your repiping has never been easier. Call us today to learn more about us or our services.