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Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring in a House

December 08, 2021

Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring in a House

Electricity plays a vital role in our lives, from running electrical appliances to providing light in the dark and many more. It is easy to forget the convenience electricity brings to your home as a homeowner until something goes wrong. This is often the case for old homes, and that's why Beall Electrical Service is dedicated to helping you upgrade your home electrical wiring. With all the modern appliances at home that require electricity to run, it is important to ensure that your wiring can handle it. Our expert electricians can help you alleviate any concerns regarding your home electrical wiring and ensure it is tiptop shape.

More than 50% of homes in the United States are forty years and beyond, which raises concerns over the current state of their home electrical wiring. It is advisable to schedule regular maintenance checks with the expert electricians at Beall Electrical Service, to help you maintain a safe home that's free from potential electrical hazards. Some of the signs one should look for that indicate bad wiring include:

Frequent Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers usually trip when there's excess electric energy being used that they can handle. With modern electrical appliances in homes today, the circuit can easily be overloaded, resulting in power cut off or trip. If your circuit breaker trips, it is important to reduce the number of connected appliances or replace the circuit breaker to suit your electrical needs. If your circuit breaker is still tripping even after taking these measures, you are due for a home electrical wiring inspection. Our trained electricians can assess your wiring and determine the most effective course of action depending on the problem.

Flickering Lights

There are many reasons why your residential lights buzz, flicker or dim at the least expected time. However, homes with faulty electrical wiring tend to experience dim lighting when an appliance is plugged in, indicating that the current isn't flowing as expected. Another sign that homeowners should look out for includes buzzing switches when you turn them on. Once you identify these signs in your home electrical system, you should consult Beall Electrical Services to avoid future hazards such as fires.

Hot Electrical Outlets

When your home electrical wiring is faulty, the chances of sending excess energy to your electrical outlets are high. This usually manifests in the presence of scorched or darkened electrical outlets. If there's an energy leak heating the outlets and the wires, then you could be at risk of frying plugged-in appliances or fire hazards. Once you detect such irregularities with your electrical system, then it is time to onboard our team of professional electricians. We are dedicated to helping find out the root course of the problem and make the necessary repairs, replacements, and upgrades to your home's electrical wiring.

Contact the professional team of electricians at Beall Electrical Service for top-notch electrical services, guaranteed to make your home safer and more convenient. Please schedule an appointment today and help us make your house a home.