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6 Signs your Windows Need Replacement

July 22, 2021

6 Signs your Windows Need Replacement

The windows in your home are an important part of your home. They provide you with natural lighting, protection, airflow, and beauty. Your windows are so much more than just being able to look outside, and they play a much bigger role in the functionality and curb appeal of your home. That’s why they should be treated like anything else in your home – they should be properly maintained and replaced when necessary. If you aren’t sure about needing window replacements, you can always count on Beall Contracting! Our professional handymen will always be honest with you about if your window needs replacing or not, or we will tell you the common signs to look for when determining if they need to be replaced or not.

6 signs that your windows need to be replaced:

1.    Worn out
One of the most obvious signs that your windows need replacing is if they are worn out. Back in the day, builders used to use wooden windows which over time, wear down. If you have these kinds of windows in your home, it’s time for a replacement.

2.    Hard to open or close
If you constantly struggle to open or close your windows, that’s a major red flag that they need to be replaced. There are multiple causes of poor window operation such as tight springs, paint, dust buildup, broken roller system. If this is the issue you are having, give us a call at Beall Contracting for window replacement!

3.    Drafty windows
Having a draft coming through your windows is a huge sign that something is right and they need to be replaced. The only way air could get through is if there are cracks of spaces between the frame and the window, and if this is the case for you, it’s time for some new windows.

4.    Single-pane glass
Single-pane windows allow sounds from outside to come into your home. If you live on a busier street or you are looking to eliminate any outside noise, it’s time to upgrade from single-pane windows. By replacing your single-pane windows, you are decreasing the noise that enters through them – giving you that peace and quiet you’ve been wanting.

5.    Moisture and leaks
Your window’s main job is to allow natural light to enter into your home, that’s it. If you notice a lot of moisture build-up or leaks coming from your windows, that’s a clear-cut sign that something is wrong and it’s time for a replacement.

6.    Improve security
If security is your #1 priority in your home and you have older windows, it’s time for a replacement. Older windows don’t have strong locking capabilities, and there are so many kinds of windows that allow you to properly secure your home.

Repair or Replace?

Depending on the type of windows you have and their age, the choice of repairing them or replacing them varies. If you have older, wooden windows, Beall Contracting will always recommend replacing your old ones. If you have newer windows, we may recommend you just get them repaired if you are having issues.
If you want to learn more about window replacement, give Beall Contracting a call today!