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Sewer Repair in Mars, PA

Emergency Sewer Repair Service in Mars, PA

Homeowners in Mars usually try to handle plumbing repairs on their own to save money and time looking for a reputable sewer repair service. Little do they know that a slow drain is not always an easy fix and is often a sign of a more severe underlying problem. Your sewer system is an essential part of your home, and detecting signs of damage in the early stages ensures you don’t incur high sewer repair costs. Beall Contracting is a trusted service provider in Mars, providing services from sewer line cleaning to sewer line installation and trenchless sewer line replacement. We have a team of professional technicians ready to help you maintain a healthy and efficient system. Here are common signs you need trenchless sewer line repair or sewer repair in Mars.

Inconsistent Water Level in Your Toilet Bowl

If you wake up to a full toilet bowl and the next minute it’s almost empty; it is a sign of a bigger underlying problem. A blockage usually causes this in your lines, and delaying maintenance can lead to severe damage like burst piping and backups. When you detect the varying water level in your toilet bowl, it is time to call a pipe repair service in Mars for maintenance. We leverage cutting-edge equipment to enhance the effectiveness of sewer line cleaning and repairs, alleviating all the clogs through hydro-jetting. If the damage is irreversible, our experts in Mars will provide quality trenchless sewer line replacement to mitigate further damage and frequent pipe repair calls.

Unwanted Critters on Your Property

Another common sign you need pipe repair in Mars is the presence of insects and rodents that you can’t seem to shake off. Chances are your sewer line has sprung a leak along the pipe lining, or there’s a massive crack, and you need repiping. Unfortunately, most of these creatures are attracted by the raw sewage leaking from your pipes, increasing the susceptibility to diseases of everyone in your household. We leverage cutting-edge equipment to detect even the slightest leak along the pipe lining, guaranteeing top-notch pipe repair in Mars.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Mars, PA

Foul Odors

Anytime a foul smell emanates from your drains or your yard, it is time to schedule a maintenance inspection with a trusted sewer repair in Mars. Several things usually cause the odor, and a professional technician in Mars can determine the cause and recommend a viable solution. A well-maintained sewer system is clean and efficient regarding waste management, so any weird smells are a sign of trouble. If the sewer line is severely damaged, repiping is to prevent costly damages in the future, like burst piping.

Rising Water Bill

Another reason to consider sewer repair in Mars is to reduce your water bill. If you live in a home with a sewer system over fifteen years old, you should opt to replace the pipes to avoid expensive repairs. Contact our experts for a comprehensive maintenance check if you receive a shockingly high utility bill. If the damage is more pronounced, we are your go-to service provider for trenchless sewer line replacement in Mars. Our experts provide quality sewer line installation giving you peace of mind knowing everything is conducted with the utmost professionalism.

Contact us at Beall Contracting and schedule an appointment with our team in Mars to enjoy quality services at competitive market prices. In addition, we guarantee exceptional trenchless sewer line replacement in Mars, increasing the efficiency and function of your system.