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Warning Signs Your Plumbing System Is Aging

January 22, 2023

Warning Signs Your Plumbing System Is Aging

Since it's not regularly in our sight, we often need to remember about the existence of a plumbing system and how they're also prone to deterioration and aging. Unfortunately, like other appliances and systems in our homes, our plumbing systems also age. The important part is to take notice of these aging signs when it's early and to take the necessary action.

Know The Age and Lifespan Of Your Pipes

Of course, the best way to know that your plumbing system is aging is knowing the lifespans of your pipes and their age so that you can predict it. For example, copper pipes have a lifespan of 50 years, while brass pipes have 40 to 70 years. Galvanized steel has 20-50 years, and cast-iron pipes have 75-100 years.

Colored Water

The water that comes out of your sinks should be clear. If it's in any other color, your pipes have various sediments, minerals, and even rust. Depending on the color of the water, the composition can be interpreted. For example, if it's yellowish-brownish in color, it may indicate rust. If it's cloudy looking, air bubbles are trapped inside the water. The green color indicates the existence of copper particles and means there's extensive corrosion in your plumbing pipes. Since that one can harm health, if you see green tints in your water, you should call a qualified plumber.

Damp and Bright Green Areas Of Your Yard

If you notice a specific part of your yard is much more green and wet than other parts, this can be due to a sewer line leak caused by an aging plumbing system. The areas with leakage tend to provide nutrition to the soil that various plants can use. That's why they look much greener and more alive than other parts. So, be aware of this sign.


If you notice moist air in your house and if the walls

It's nearly always the result of moisture if you notice peeling paint on various walls of your home, as well as dampness in those spaces. This can be due to leaking plumbing lines due to aging and deterioration.

Notice Your Bills

Have you noticed an increase in your water bills even though there's no difference in your water usage from the previous months? It would be best if you didn't ignore this sign because it's quite significant. Even the smallest of water leaks are threats to the foundation of a home and must be taken care of immediately. Once again, the leaking pipes are due to an aged plumbing system and decay.

Early Action

The most significant advantage of knowing your plumbing system is aging is being able to take early action before something troubling occurs. If you need more clarification about the conditions of your plumbing lines and are concerned, professional plumbers of Beall Contracting will be more than happy to help you out. We are a company that offers a variety of plumbing services, as well as sewer repair, drain cleaning, leak detection, water heater repair, and many others. Our professionals will tell you what needs to be done to ensure the safety and integrity of your home. Call us today to learn more.