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Water Shortage: Causes

June 29, 2022

Water Shortage: Causes

Of course, water is essential for the lives of any living organism. However, almost 1.1 billion people don’t have the access to clean water and water scarcity is becoming more and more prevalent. Due to this, experts are expecting two-thirds of the world's population to experience water shortages by 2025. There’s not a single area of the world that isn’t affected by the water scarcity and shortages, so it’s only natural that you have experienced them as well. In this article, we will go over both the global causes of water shortages and more specifically, the causes of hot water shortages in your house. 


The list of things that can contaminate water is very long. Most common examples are untreated human wastewater, pesticides, and fertilizers that run off from fields, industrial waste. These contaminants, in many ways, can even affect our drinking waters and water we use for our daily activities and make them unconsumable.

Population Expansion

Overpopulation is a very recent and strong topic of discussion since it impacts every part of our lives including humanity’s water sources. Statistics show us that in the last 50 years, the number of people doubled. Because of this, very strong changes occurred in water habitats all over the world. It also created a term called water stress, which means that water resources in a region are insufficient to cover the needs. The need for fresh water increases however the proper management of water doesn’t happen in many parts of the world. Because of this, the available water amount is decreasing significantly, and water shortages occur as a result.

Now, we will cover a smaller scale topic, which is the problem of hot water shortage in your home. There are many possibilities for that as well and we will go over some of these causes and how you can identify them.

There Is A Broken Dip Tube

Through the dip tube, cold water interacts with the water heater. Heating takes place at the bottom of the tank and the hot water exit is at the top of the tank. If the dip tube is broken, the tank will give out cold water along with the hot water. If the dip tube in your heater breaks, you can find bits of plastic in your showerhead or in your sink strainers.

The Tank's Bottom Is Filled With Sediment

Over time, minerals in the water can accumulate and become depositions. This will lower heating efficiency, and if you notice that no matter what you do, the water is fluctuating between hot and cold, this is most likely indicating sediment buildup in the water heater tank. This can be prevented by having regular tank cleanings through professionals.

Location Or Size

If the location of the water heater is way too far from where you use the hot water, proper heating may not take place, especially during winter. Additionally, your water heater might be too small to cover your needs. In this case, you will probably need a water heater installation.

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