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What Causes a Light Bulb to Explode?

January 05, 2022

What Causes a Light Bulb to Explode?

Light bulbs always seem to blow at the least convenient time. Whether you are sitting in front of the TV after a long day or in the middle of having dinner, when a bulb blows, it can be frustrating, especially if you don't have a spare. Although they have a simple fix, it signifies a more serious underlying problem when a bulb blows. That's why it's advisable to onboard an experienced electrician from Beall Electrical Services to conduct a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint the problem.

When a bulb blows, it shouldn't be taken lightly since it can become a bigger problem that requires an electrical lighting replacement of your entire home. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with the common reasons why this happens to mitigate the risks involved. Some of these reasons include:

Lack of Insulation at the Base of the Bulb

This problem comes from the bulb manufacturer when they fail to use sufficient insulation at the base of the light bulb. Insufficient insulation at the base leaves the metallic base exposed, resulting in melting and leakage of the gas stored in the bulb. Once the gas leaves the bulb, a pressure imbalance causes the bulb to explode. It's important always to check the bulb's base to ensure sufficient insulation and avoid any safety risks resulting from a blown bulb.

Loose Connection in the Socket

If the insulation at the bulb's base is not the problem, you should consider a loose connection between the socket and bulb. A loose connection hinders electricity from flowing through the contact, which causes power to jump across. This is often why the fitting gets overheated, causing the bulb to explode or blow. The expert electricians at Beall Electrical Services can ensure no extensive damage aside from the loose connection to avoid future problems.

Mismatched Bulb Wattage

Most property and homeowners usually buy any bulb for their light fixture without considering the wattage ratings. Some bulbs have a high wattage rating and exceed the limit of the light fixtures, which results in overheating. An overheated fixture is among the main reasons a bulb explodes, and it's advisable always to check the label located at the side of the socket. If it's not there, you can consult Beall Electrical Services and talk to a professional electrician. 

Oil From Your Hands

Although not all bulbs react the same way, halogen bulbs are considered more sensitive. Most people touch bulbs without considering the oil from their skin which can cause a bulb to explode. The oil from your hands creates a hot spot on the bulb, causing it to crack and the stored gas to leak. Once the gas starts to leak, the bulb will eventually explode.

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the various causes that cause a bulb to explode. For more information, contact us at Beall Electrical Services, and enjoy quality electrical services and information from a team of experts.