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 What Is a Shim and How Do You Use It?

September 28, 2021

What Is a Shim and How Do You Use It?

If you’ve never heard the term before, we will describe what a shim is in simple terms. A shim is a tapered wooden wedge used to make adjustments for things in your home such as your door frames and your windows to make them level. They are most often made out of wood that is cut from either cedar or pine to ensure your doors and windows are leveled. Wooden shims are most effective in interior adjustments, but plastic shims are also a common type of shim material. The reason someone would use a plastic shim over a wooden one is that plastic shims are much more resistant to water and rot, making them popular for plumbing or outdoor adjustments. If you’re looking for a handyman in North Hills who can help you install shims in your home, give Beall Contracting a call today!

You may have come across a shim before in your life but not known what it is. They are pretty common in most tool kits and they just seem like they are thin slices of leftover wood. Shims are a very important element for DIY fixes and leveling out anything you need to in your home. Keep reading to learn how to use them from the team at Beall Contracting.

How Do You Use a Shim?

Whether you’re installing new windows or doors or you’re looking to fix your older windows and doors, you’ll use a shim to level them out and ensure they are even. Once your door or window is placed into its casing, you’ll use your shim of choice (wooden or plastic) to fill in any gaps that may be between your window/door and the casing of it. Simple, right?

Once you have the shims in the correct places, you’ll need to use a hammer or mallet and gently tap the shims into place. Once they are hammered in tightly, you’ll need to grab your level and ensure the window or door is perfectly level. One thing to note when installing a shim is that you want to make sure not to hammer it in too far – they can be difficult to get out if you put them in too far.

Now that your door or window is level, you can put a nail or screw into the casing to secure the frame. If your shim comes out from your window or doors casing, you can use a utility knife to remove any excess shim.

Shims are a necessary part of finishing off a window or door installation – they ensure everything is level and even before sealing your casing or framing.

Are you looking to upgrade to new windows and need shim installation? Looking to install a new front door but you want to make sure it’s perfectly level before sealing the deal? Give Beall Contracting a call for help today! We are a large team of experienced handyman that are happy to help with shim installation. You can call our office anytime to learn more or schedule your appointment.