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Why Does My Water Smell Bad?

January 01, 2023

Why Does My Water Smell Bad?

We all hate it when there is a problem with our water. The situation becomes even worse when the water starts to smell. Throughout this article, we will go through the reasons why your water may smell like this, whether the problem is related to temperature, the location of the sink, the time of the flowing water, and how Beall Contracting can help you prevent this. Let’s learn how. 

Is the Problem Related to the Temperature of the Water?

Firstly, we need to identify the location of the problem. If the water is smelly at a specific temperature, put it at the opposite temperature. For example, if the water is smelly when running cold water, turn on hot water and see if it is still smelling. If only hot water is smelly, then we know there is only a problem with the hot water tank. If both temperatures smell bad, the problem can be with the water supply. Using this information, call a plumbing service and tell them about your observations.

Is the Problem Related to How Long You Keep the Water Flowing?

If there is a strong smell locally, this can be because the water doesn’t have certain minerals, which causes it to release a horrible smell. Try to keep the water running for a couple of minutes. After a couple of minutes, if the smell is gone, try to wait a few hours and try again. If the odor is gone, this can be because of certain water flowing in a pipe doesn’t have certain minerals. Otherwise, if it isn’t gone, then we now know there is a water supply problem.

Is the Problem Related to the Location of the Sink?

After narrowing our options with the above criteria, we need to know whether the problem is the same in all sinks. Go through different sources of water in your house and try smelling it. If they also smell, then we know that the general water line of the house most likely causes this. Otherwise, if it isn’t the same everywhere, the problem can be local and require less work.

Choosing the Experienced and Professional Plumber, Beall Contracting

With this many possibilities, you may be questioning what the actual problem is. Without knowing the problem and taking precautions, it can grow and grow. When you want to avoid looking at the problem, you can cause health problems yourself, and no one would want to. That’s why at Beall Contracting, we have dedicated ourselves to providing safe water for you. With our modern equipment, experienced plumbers, and dedication, plumbing services have never been more accessible. Call us today to learn more about us and our services, or get more information about why your water still smells terrible. You shouldn’t be waiting. Call us now to bring back the good smell in your water.