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Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

October 21, 2021

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

With winter around the corner, roofs are about to take on some of the harshest elements including snow, hail, ice, and high winds. The dropping temperatures are going to make matters even worse considering people usually want to stay indoors. Prepare your roof for the winter so that you can stay warm inside. Your friends here at Beall Contracting have put together this article on some winter maintenance tips for roofs. Taking the time to maintain your roof can prevent costly damage and keep your house a home. Feel free to call Beall Contracting if you need a roofer or roofing company to take care of some necessary repairs.

Clear Debris

Let’s start with the basics. Trees have long anticipated the winter weather and their leaves, needles, and/or twigs are probably all over the place. Make sure this debris is not clogging up gutters, flashings, and downspouts. Use a rake or broom to clear out as much of the debris as possible. That debris is going to be a pain to remove in the winter. Plus, that debris can become water-logged and eventually rot, leading to leaks and other damage.

Check the Attic

Your attic is actually a considerable part of the roofing. It works to keep your property warm and insulated. Make sure that the routes for ventilation and the insulation are in good shape. This ventilation and insulation work to keep the property protected from ice dams.

Repair Flashing and Shingles

Flashings and shingles are bound to become damaged, but make sure to repair these as soon as possible. Damaged flashings and shingles can expose your roof to moisture and water damage. The water that seeps into the crevices and cracks can freeze during the winter, expanding and causing further deeper cracks and damage. Repair or replace these damaged components before the harsh winter arrives if you want to prevent further damage to your roof.

Fix Wind Damage

Wind is a part of all seasons, but the winter gusts are especially harmful. The ensuing damage in the wintertime can expose your property to ice dams. Have this wind damage repaired before the winter weather. Look for missing shingles, loose flashings, and damaged gutters. This work is probably best left to qualified professionals. It can be dangerous work.

Remove Snow Quickly

Snow on the rooftop is a magical scene but it can also be awfully damaging for your roof. Though the main concern is the weight of the snow on the roof, what comes later is just as worrisome. As temperatures fluctuate, the snow melts and turns into ice, creating ice dams. The water seeping into cracks and crevices before freezing can loosen and damage flashing, shingles, and gutters. Remove snow as soon as possible if you want to avoid such headaches. However, we recommend you hire professionals to take care of this task as it is extremely dangerous.

Hire Professionals

If you are looking for a roofer to take care of any repairs and replacements, then do not hesitate to call Beall Contracting. Our staff are always happy to help.